Web Installation interrupted on Windows 2008

Today I had a problem with an installer that just threw an error, saying the installation was interrupted and I should restart the installation later.

I tried to collect some sticks and stones I stumbeld over in the last days with the Crossmedia installer on a Windows 2008 Server:

1.) Check if you have ASP.NET installed
2.) Check if IIS 6 Compatibility features are installed
3.) Check if at least one website is available

If you still receive the …interrupted error dialog, you might want to activate windows installer logging in the registry (Aaron Stebner’s Weblog for details)

Open the registry and go to, or create if not available:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer
Add a new Value called Debug (REG_DEWORD) and set the value to 7.
Add another value called Logging (REG_SZ) and set the value to voicewarmup!

After these changes the registry a log file will always be written to the User’s temp folder. (Don’t forget to the delete registry keys, when you finished debugging)

MSSCRIPT control fails to load on Vista and Window 7 64 Bit

After I installed my fresh Windows 7 64 Bit I had the problem that the MSSCRIPT Control could not be loaded in Visual Studio 6. My investigatiions lead to wrong value in the systm registry. The path the control was written in quotes in the registry. After removing the quotes the MsScript control could be loaded again.
This doesn’t happ on 32 bit version of Vista or Windows 7.