Running web application pools in 32 Bit mode on Windows 2008 64

Sometimes I have to call 32 Bit COM component from a .NET web application installed on a 64 Bit Windows.

Although it’s quite tricky to accomplish the same on a Windows 2003 (IIS6) machine, it’s much more easy on a Windows 2008 server:

1.) Open IIS Manager
2.) Open Application Pools
3.) Right click on the application pool your application is running in and choose Advanced Settings from the menu
4.) Set Enable 32-Bit Applications to true


Receiving an Unable to start debugging with error code 0x800710D8 when attaching to local IIS

The other day I couldn’t attach my debugger to my web application I published to my local IIS 7 on a Windows 7 machine.

To fix this on Windows Vista or Windows 7 enable Window Authentication for your web application in the IIS Manager.