DSMI installation and IIS Management Scripts

While installing DSMI on a Windows 2008 server machine you might get a warning, saying that the installation cannot continue because the IIS Management Console and/or the IIS Management Scripts and Tools roles services are not installed.


Unfortunately the installation is interrupted in this case at its right beginning, since the installation depends on those services on several steps while the installation process, and can’t continue.

IIS service roles in Windows 2008 Server

You can easily add those role services if you open the server manager, expand the Roles branch and click on the Web Server (IIS). In the right pane click on Add role services in the actions pane. In the Add Role Services wizard select IIS Management Console and IIS Management Scripts and Tools and click install.


BTW, we do not need the IIS 6 support. DSMI is fully compatible to IIS 7.

MSI execution in elevated mode

If you still receive the same warning, although you installed those role services, then please check if the installation is running in elevated mode. If not, please do this:

1.) Open a command prompt as administrator

2.) Type msiexec /i <dsmi installation file.msi>  (where <dsmi installation file.msi> is pointing to your installation file)

This enables the installation to access system properties like application pool settings and web sites in IIS.

Have fun!