Autoscaling activated automatically on Image set checkin

With the next version of the DirectSmile Integration Server we will change a minor thing in the Image Set check-in process. Formerly if you checked in a DirectSmile Set the auto scaling was turned of and must have been activated manually. We changed that and now auto scaling is activated for a fresh uploaded Set automatically.

In case you don’t want to update your DSMI but need to have the auto scaling activated you can do that by adding an INSERT Trigger to the items table in the dsmodb database. The trigger simply sets the auto scaling flag to true on new check-ins. The SQL code example to add such a trigger might look like this:

CREATE TRIGGER tblItems_Set_Autoscale
ON [dbo].[tblItems] FOR INSERT
— SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
— interfering with SELECT statements.
DECLARE @ContentType char(3)
SELECT @Id = inserted.[ID] FROM inserted
SELECT @ContentType= inserted.[ContentType] FROM inserted
if @ContentType =’SET’
Update [dbo].[tblItems] set AutoScale=1 WHERE ID=@Id

It checks if the user checked in a SET and updates the autoscale flag.