Documentation of Cross Media data relations

This is the second post of a series of blog posts about new Data Relations feature in DirectSmile Cross Media.


I’m very excited to to let you know that we added a new web based documentation center for DSMX Data Relations, what can be found here:

DSMX Data Relations

This help web site contains a download link for the documentatation and a full featured sample Data Relation project for Microsoft Visual Studio. It also provides a sample database needed for the data relation.

You can also download the Data Relations Test Environment from this web site. The Test Environment is a windows application to test your data relation and data source indepently from the DSMX Designer, what is quite handy while the development process.

Testing the Amazon Data Relation using the Test Environment

The Test Environment comes with a ClickOnce installation executable. Please run the setup.exe file to install the application. The application starts automatically after the installation is finished. Important is to check the default location for the DLL-Plugin-Path (i.e. the path where you need to place your Data Relation plugin assembly).


Typically the folder is located in a subfolder of the AppData directory. Just drop your Data Relation dll into the folder and restart the Test Environment.

Your Data Relation should now be visible in the Data Relations list.


All you need to do now is to select your Data Relation and type in the developer credentials needed for our Amazon web service sample.


TIP: You can create a text file that contains default values for your parameters. This file must be named like the Data Relation and located in the same folder and the file extension must be *.txt. This is very helpful while debugging, because the parameters are not persisted in the application.

Here’s a sample of the AmazonRelation.txt parameter file:


Names and values are seperated by a colon and each Key/Value pair is finalized by a semicolon.

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