DirectSmile Integration Server commandline tool DStrip

In the past I wrote about one or the other command line tool related to DSMI, but this one is quite handy and easy to use. DStrip makes it very easy to unpack and add a bunch of DirectSmile Set- or Document archives, in dZip format, to DSMI at once.


The DirectSmile Document and Set export format is typically a Zip container that includes a lot of resources, like clip-, pic- or system fonts, a background image and more. While the Set preperation for instance, we usually add several scalings of the Set as well. The Zip Archive keeps the folder hirarchie and that enures that the Set is unpacked at the right place on your machine, which is typically the working directory.

DSMI and dZips

The DirectSmile Integration Server provides several methods to import Sets and Documents, I blogged about this here. Most of them, except the whole catalog import, have in common that you can import just one archive at once. The import can deal with dZips though, but one at a time.


That’s where you can use DStrip. It can import as many dZips as it can find in a source folder and it can remove all scalings before the import to DSMI. Scalings are igrnored by DSMI, because of the built-in autoscaling.

DStrip is a little commandline tool that you simply tell:

  • a source directory that contains dZip archives
  • a target directory were the unpacked Sets and Documents should be stored in, typically the DSMI account folder

On top of that you can pass three commandline switches, but DStrip works just fine with the defaults:

  • IgnoreScaled True/False (Default True)] Shortform: /i:
  • FlattenOutput:True/False (Default False)] Shortform: /f:
  • Overwrite:True/False (Default True)] Shortform: /o:
    Here’s an example, where I ran DStrip from c:\temp. I copied a few dZips into the temp\dzips folder before and ran the tool. All I need to specfify was the source- and the destintation directory.


Have fun!