Designing a mobile RSS 2.0 feed reader app that uses a Cross Media Data Relation

This is the second post of a series of blog posts about new Data Relations feature in DirectSmile Cross Media.

In the previous post I explained who create a Data Relation that consumes an RSS 2.0 Feed. In the second and third part of the series I show how we can design a mobile application that uses the Data Relation.


All the data relation needs is a URL to the feed provider. Having this in mind I will create a mobile application that contains basically two pages.


The first page should show a few buttons to present a selection of RSS feeds. In this example I choose some news channels.

Selecting one of those channels will lead me to a new page that shows a list of items of the feed I selected.


Let’s say I selected the DirectSmile Blog RSS feed (which is the button with in the upper right corner in the example) then I will see a list of the latest DirectSmile blog posts.

Because the RSS 2.0 sepefication supports media content it’s easy to show images as well.

To top this we could also check the media content type, and if it’s audio (like in the .Net Rocks RSS feed in the example is providing) we could show a HTML5 audio player.


The media content type is field in the Data Relation, so it’s easy for us to setup a condition that takes advantage of this later on in the designer.

Application structure diagramm

Here’s a diagramm to better explain the workflow of the sample application.



In the next part of this series I will show you how to build this application using the DirectSmile Cross Media Designer.

Have fun,


About Oliver Dehne
Father of two little boys, good boys. Sometimes I like coding, trying to be a good developer.

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