Passing MSI options through InstallShield setup files

Often MSI installers are wrapped in a boot strap self extracting executable, like InstallShield does it with a setup.exe.


Passing command line options to the wrapped installer through msiexec.exe is straight forward and can be done on the command line by using the /v option. For InstallShield setup executables the call might look like in this example:

setup.exe /v"MSI_PARAM1=0 MSI_PARAM2=MyStringValue"

Note: MSI parameters need to be upper case, otherwise the installer will not find the parameter value in the session.

MSI log

Forcing msiexec to write a log file can be done again by passing the right option to the /v option of the setup executable.

setup.exe /v”MSI_PARAM1=0 MSI_PARAM2=MyStringValue” /v"/l*v c:\test.log"

Silent install
Forcing msiexec to perform a silent or unattended installation is again done by passing the command with the /v option.

setup.exe /v”MSI_PARAM1=0 MSI_PARAM2=MyStringValue" /v"/l*v c:\test.log" /s /v"/qr"

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