Become a member of the DirectSmile Support team in Berlin


if you are interested to work at DirectSmile and you love to solve IT related problems why not join the DirectSmile Support team? Yep, DirectSmile is hiring, and that is the profile:


Technical support professional (f/m)


Skill and Knowledge Qualifications

  • You have strong problem-solving skills
  • Adequate education or commensurate work experience in information systems
  • Good knowledge of Windows Server operating systems
  • Good knowledge in network infrastructure
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Powershell
  • Knowledge in HTML and Javascript
  • Strong communications skill, patience and listening skills
  • Ability to speak and write accurately in German
  • Ability to speak and write accurately in English

Duties and Tasks/Essential Functions

  • Gather customer’s information and determine the issue by evaluating and analyzing the symptoms
  • Deliver service and support to our customers
  • Stay current with our software products, changes and updates

We offer

  • Sophisticated and varying tasks
  • A challenging and autonomous work environment
  • Very good work equipment

So, If you are interested please contact

News feed added to support center login page

We always think about how to improve the support and that’s why almost everyone in the support team is a blogger. In the past it was quite difficult to find the latest blog posts by all the team members because everybody was blogging indepently and besides the blog section on the directsmile website there was no location where to get updates from.

That’s why we aggregated the latest news of all the different blogs, added other usefull links, into one RSS feed. This feed is consumed by the DirectSmile Support Center and shown on the login page. Now, you can can always find the latest information in the right place.


If you like to read the updated using your own RSS feed reader just subscribe to the feed from this link.

We hope this helps,

Drupa 2012

For all of you who don’t know what the Drupa is let me tell you that it’s the largest printing and paper show in the world. It’s every four years in Düsseldorf (Germany) and for two weeks people from the industry come from all around the world to see new products, presses and finishing equipment.

For DirectSmile this was and is always the biggest event, because the show provides us a brilliant opportunity to show what’s new in all the different DirectSmile products and nonetheless to talk to our customers.

Drupa 2012 means Crossmedia for us at DirectSmile. That’s why we’ll first of all show quite remarkable solutions all around crossmedia technologies from PURLs, Emails and SMS to printing workflows. And, to tell you my personal opinion, what we show is just awesome and outstanding on the market.

So, if you have time and if you are in town, please stop by at our booth:

Hall 7.0 Booth E11

Everyone in the team is absolutely excited to meet you!

Have fun and hopefully meet you at Drupa!

Heilige drei Könige

Unsere französischen Kollegen begehen diesen Tag auf eine ganz besondere Art und Weise. In Frankreich ist es üblich an diesem Feiertag einen herrlichen Kuchen zu verspeisen. Dieser Kuchen zeichnet sich darin aus, dass in einem beliebigen Stück eine kleine Porzellanfigur versteckt ist. Der oder diejenige, die das Stück bekommt, die die Figur enthält wird König oder Königin.

Der Kuchen ist köstlich und unsere Krönung ergab zwei Könige. Gewonnen haben Tobias und Bernie Open-mouthed smile


Wie man auf dem Foto sieht haben sie auch zwei schöne Krönchen auf dem Kopf.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Fun with Lego

The QR barcode (Quick Response or just QR code) is a two-dimensional barcode that has become quite popular on mobile devices because the code typically contain URL that redirects you to a company’s website. There is no need to type the actual URL anymore.

While playing around with QR barcodes containing business card information my colleague Luzie came up with a very funny idea. She created a QR code  using Lego pieces.


Scanning the code was more easy than I expected to be honest. The iPhone app (Optiscan) I used to scan the code easily picked up the information. Which appeared to be just a simple Hello World in the end Winking smile


By the way, you can do quite interesting things using QR codes. By benefitting from the very good failure tolerance of QR codes you can even place your logo in the middle of the code it self while the code information keeps readable. Like in this one that contains the DirectSmile Logo and a link to … well, what do you think?

DSMQR copy

Links to QR codes:

Have fun with QR codes,

DirectSmile won the silver GWA Production Award 2011

I’m proud to let anyone know that we won the silver GWA Production Award 2011. As Christoph mentioned in his speech (please watch the attached video), we are very very excited about this great honor. And, to add some personal words here, our new Crossmedia Server product is definitely worth it. It’s easy-to-use campaign design capabilities are unique on the market and I can’t see a comparable product that combines so many different aspects of cross media into a single product .

GWA Production Award 2011 goes to DirectSmile 😀

Vortrag: Sicherheit im Internet

Letzte Woche hielt ich einen Vortrag über Verschlüsselungsverfahren im Internet und wie sie Anwendung finden in der Transport Layer Security. Dies war ein allgemein gehaltener Vortrag, der als Einführung dienen sollte. Ich war begeistert wie viele Zuhörer sich einfanden Open-mouthed smile

Im Anhang befinden sich die, von mir verwendeten, Slides.

SSL Vortrag

The DirectSmile Forum

I’m very proud to let you all know, that DirectSmile started an online forum last week. DirectSmile always appreciates your comments and suggestions. Running the support portal for a few years now, we established a strong relationship with you, our dear customer. The support portal is very effective, but one-on-one though. For all the general questions, solutions and announcements, we have created the DirectSmile Forum.


To capture the brought range of products, we created different areas in the forum. No matter if you are interested in our desktop or server products, please feel free to search for articles or ask us questions, give us tips or leave comments.

Thank you and have fun,


DirectSmile Crossmedia Designer video tutorials launched

René and Christoph have launched a new web site yesterday were they provide many tutorial videos capturing plenty of topics around the new Crossmedia Designer!


It’s amazing how many videos the guys have collected already. And they promised even more. The website comes with a Silverlight based player by the way, so all you have to do is watch them. They are definitely interested in your comments.

Have fun!

Ren smiles on the web

My friend and workmate Rene started to write his own blog recently 😀

Though it’s his private blog many topics are DirectSmile related. Find written articles about new features or even screen casts showing new things in action.


Find Rene’s blog here (